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Content is Queen

  • Whitepaper | Introduction to Creating and Sustaining an Association Content Strategy: According to research conducted by Association Laboratory, many association professionals find the development of a content strategy to be challenging. The process is new, difficult, and resource-intensive, and association professionals are learning as they go. In response to these challenges, this white paper provides a basic road map to developing an association content strategy. It features key items to think about as you assess your organization's need for, and ability to implement, a content strategy all in one easy-to-reference resource.
  • Webinar | Content Strategy 101: Recorded Wednesday, January 23, 2019. Everyone seems to be talking about content strategy, but for most association professionals this leaves a lot of questions unanswered. What is a content strategy? Does my organization really need one? Where do I start? This session will provide a basic road map to developing an association content strategy. Rather than a set, linear series of steps, developing a content strategy is an iterative process. Organizations must answer a number of key questions that will help define what a successful content strategy will look like for their organization. From there, they can begin to determine the steps that will make it happen. Information for this session is based off of the Association Laboratory strategic whitepaper, 'Introduction to Creating and Sustaining an Association Content Strategy.' It includes the perspectives of 21 association professionals representing both trade and professional member organizations.
  • Issue Brief | Controlling Potential Product Cannibalization: Today's modern association is creating more complex product strategies than ever before. Unfortunately, this creates a difficult problem for associations. As new products are created, they take business away from existing products and services. The key to integrating product strategies is to take a holistic approach when viewing your association. This issue brief outlines the six steps to guide product and pricing strategies in a way that avoids product cannibalization and helps you prioritize and grow your association's programs.
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Content Strategy 101
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