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Amy Lestition Burke, CAE, MA

Executive Director

Special Libraries Association

Amy is the Executive Director of the Special Libraries Association, a 110-year-old global organization, representing individuals who research, provide, curate, archive, analyze, and/or create content, information and/or data across corporate, government, association, and academic sectors. SLA members are the storytellers and “fact”tellers of information. Amy loves working as a change agent for associations and non-profits, providing strategy, solutions, and results to generate impact. Her work focuses on driving growth through understanding the key motivation drivers of a community.

Product Type
Recorded Webinar

Workshop 5 Recording - Collaborating with Components for a Consistent Member Experience

Dean A West, FASAE |  Amy Lestition Burke, CAE, MA
1 Hour 32 Minutes
Audio and Video
$50.00 - Investment

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