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Recorded Webinar

Workshop 8 - Building an Ethical and Diverse Leadership Pipeline

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Membership & Engagement
Nicolette Haton Shanks, MBA, CAE |  Rhea Steele, MS, CAE
1 Hour 23 Minutes
Audio and Video


This recorded workshop package includes:

- Recording of keynote by Nikki Shanks, discussing the new leadership recruitment environment. Using data analysis from the Association Laboratory Looking Forward survey, learn what key factors are impacting association recruitment and what to expect next. 

- Recording of "Tales from the Front Lines" interview with Rhea Steele, CAE, of the School Nutrition Association. Rhea shares how she and her team have pioneered new strategies around definiting what "diversity" means to them, creating a member committee tasked with recruitment, and adapting their methods in the new environment 

- White paper: Leading Strategic Change in Associations

- Looking Forward 2021: Executive Summary - what the data is saying about the new association landscape 





Nicolette Haton Shanks, MBA, CAE's Profile

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Association Laboratory

Nikki Haton Shanks, MBA, CAE is a Strategist for Association Laboratory. She is responsible for leading client engagements and conducting qualitative and quantitative research specific to client goals. Nikki been involved with associations for over 10 years and is a recognized leader in association management having received Association Forum’s Forty Under 40 Award. She has been active in membership and volunteer engagement for the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, and American Academy of Periodontology. She is a member of the ASAE Healthcare Community Advisory Committee and volunteers with FSAE. She speaks and produces content on association topics related to content strategy, leadership, membership, and events.

Ms. Haton received her MBA from Benedictine University and her BA in International Studies (Spanish & Latin American Studies) from Loyola University of Chicago. She obtained her CAE in 2016

Rhea Steele, MS, CAE's Profile

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Chief of Staff

School Nutrition Association

Rhea M. Steele, MS, CAE is the Chief of Staff at the School Nutrition Association. She finds the nexus between strategy and operations - helping organizations create the vision they need for tomorrow while implementing the steps that will get them there today. She brings to her speaking and facilitation approach a natural inclination to help staff connect their work with the organizational mission and impact. Her 15+ years in association management have resulted in deep expertise in governance, strategic planning, evaluation, high-performance teams, culture change, facilitation, and operational excellence. She has found focus in helping organizations form dynamic, transparent, and inclusive cultures. She graduated from the University of Colorado with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts and Anthropology and a master’s in Museum and Field Studies. She has presented and written about strategic visioning, governance, ethics, innovation, culture, process improvement, and the future of work.