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Issue Brief

Participation as a Vital Link to Membership Satisfaction and Renewal

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Membership & Engagement
Meg Whedbee, MPP


A key to membership satisfaction, and renewal, is the ability for the member to participate in the association. Unfortunately, many associations inadvertently limit or create barriers to participation and, as a result, limit their ability to produce the highest levels of membership satisfaction. This Issue Brief provides tips on identifying and reducing/removing barriers to participation in an association.



Meg Whedbee, MPP's Profile

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Senior Analyst

Association Laboratory

Meg Whedbee is responsible for leading client engagements and conducting qualitative and quantitative research specific to client goals.

Prior to Association Laboratory, Ms. Whedbee worked with a variety of industries including global public health and labor market research. Her expertise includes content creation and quality assurance of technical, academic, and educational materials, focusing on public policy and the social sciences.

Recent experience includes collaboration on program sustainability analyses, international health systems assessments, and other research documents for submission to stakeholders including USAID, foreign health ministries, and HUD.

Ms. Whedbee holds a Master of Public Policy degree from American University and a BA in Economics from New College of Florida.