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We treat the virus crisis with respectful pricing! In response to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, Association Laboratory has lowered the price of this product from $95 to $45 to support our association community.  

Looking Forward 2019 - Global Environmental Scan of the Association Strategy Environment

Looking Forward 2019 is the association sector's leading environmental scan. The 8th Edition of the report is based on data collected from nearly 400 trade and professional association CEO's and other senior executives. These leaders represent thousands of association members from more than 20 industry and professional sectors. It examines relevant differences between trade and professional associations. It highlights differences by association scope - from local to global. For the first time ever, Looking Forward 2019 includes insights by association CEO's into the strategies they believe will be critical to success. Looking Forward 2019 also incorporates a 6-year meta-study looking at changes in the association business environment over time. Looking Forward is the association industry's most current, relevant and useful environmental scan. It will give you the evidence-based insight necessary to lead the conversation about your association's future. 

Understand the 53 Environmental Forces in 5 Critical Domains Impacting Association Members

Looking Forward examines 53 different business factors in 5 domains (Technology, Economy, Workforce, Government and Global). It provides insight into how the changing business environment influences the needs of association members. Understand how changes in technology and mergers and acquisitions are changing the relationship between members and associations. See how the everything from the overwhelming amount of information to workforce challenges to changes in international treaties impact your members' needs. See how these changes create opportunities for forward-thinking association leaders.

Assess the 51 Different Implications on Association Strategy

The report assesses 51 different implications on association strategy. Virtually every significant strategy currently pursued by trade and professional associations from membership to government affairs is examined. Learn about the underlying challenges facing the understanding of new member audiences and the ability of associations to create a customized value proposition. See how struggles with content strategy impact the entire content value chain. Identify how the changing nature and intensity of is forcing associations to re-think who they work with and why.

Learn What Leading Associations Are Doing to Adapt to a Dynamic World

Looking Forward looks at 30 different external and internal strategies being implemented by association leaders to help associations adapt to a dynamic world. From content strategy to membership strategy, associations are not standing still The study asked association CEO's what strategies they are pursuing to adapt to their world - and which strategies they believe are most important to their success. From ideas on expanding market reach through alliances to optimizing membership models, leading associations show you what they are doing to prosper.



Dean A West, FASAE's Profile

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Association Laboratory

Dean West is the founder and President of Association Laboratory Inc. He leads client engagements and is a frequent speaker and facilitator for national and global association leadership meetings.

Mr. West is a former association executive with experience as executive director, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer for both national and international membership organizations. He has been a consultant to the association community since 1992, and has provided services to hundreds of state, national, and international organizations.

Dean West is a nationally recognized expert in association management. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Association Executives. Mr. West authored the chapter on Membership Research for the ASAE book, Membership Essentials and the chapter on Marketing Professional Development Programs in the ASAE book, Core Competencies in Professional Development.

Mr. West is an experienced volunteer leader familiar with the demands of volunteer leadership. He is Past Chairman of ASAE’s Professional Development Council and has served on the ASAE Membership Council and the Editorial Board for the ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership Journal of Association Leadership. He is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Association Forum of Chicagoland.

Meg Whedbee, MPP's Profile

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Senior Analyst

Association Laboratory

Meg Whedbee is responsible for leading client engagements and conducting qualitative and quantitative research specific to client goals.

Prior to Association Laboratory, Ms. Whedbee worked with a variety of industries including global public health and labor market research. Her expertise includes content creation and quality assurance of technical, academic, and educational materials, focusing on public policy and the social sciences.

Recent experience includes collaboration on program sustainability analyses, international health systems assessments, and other research documents for submission to stakeholders including USAID, foreign health ministries, and HUD.

Ms. Whedbee holds a Master of Public Policy degree from American University and a BA in Economics from New College of Florida.