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Issue Brief

Introduction to Successful Association Data Mining

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Research Tools & Techniques
Meg Whedbee, MPP


Data mining has resulted from the recent convergence of large databases of customer or member information, high speed computer technology, and sophisticated analytical techniques. By creating analytical models of member behavior, it is possible to make predictions about future member behavior to guide organizational, marketing, and delivery strategies. This issue brief provides an introduction to the data mining process and the potential for data mining tools to help associations make better strategic decisions



Meg Whedbee, MPP's Profile

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Senior Analyst

Association Laboratory

Meg Whedbee is responsible for leading client engagements and conducting qualitative and quantitative research specific to client goals.

Prior to Association Laboratory, Ms. Whedbee worked with a variety of industries including global public health and labor market research. Her expertise includes content creation and quality assurance of technical, academic, and educational materials, focusing on public policy and the social sciences.

Recent experience includes collaboration on program sustainability analyses, international health systems assessments, and other research documents for submission to stakeholders including USAID, foreign health ministries, and HUD.

Ms. Whedbee holds a Master of Public Policy degree from American University and a BA in Economics from New College of Florida.