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Essentials of Strategic Planning

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Strategic Leadership & Governance
Dean A West, FASAE
59 Minutes
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Essentials of Strategic Planning

This free webinar, first airing on October 30, 2019, outlines a simple, data-driven process to investigate, discuss and decide on a new strategic plan. Key learnings include the following:

- Data ~ What key questions do you need to answer to inform strategic planning? - Participants ~ Who needs to participate in strategic planning? - Roles ~ What are differences in roles/responsibilities by participants? - Discussions ~ What onsite, in-person instructional design improves the likelihood of consensus? - Vetting ~ What are considerations regarding the review or vetting of your draft strategic plan? - Implementation ~ How do you begin translating your strategic plan into action? You will review considerations and trade-offs in each area and leave the webinar with a clear understanding of a strategic planning process you can modify for use in your own association.

About Your Presenter! Dean West, FASAE and President of Association Laboratory, is a noted thought leader on membership acquisition, retention and engagement theory and strategy. He is a former association CEO who has served on the ASAE Membership Council and authored the article on Membership Research for the ASAE book Essentials of Membership. A frequent author and speaker, Mr. West has advised leading state, national and global associations on membership strategy for more than 20 years.


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Association Laboratory

Dean West is the founder and President of Association Laboratory Inc. He leads client engagements and is a frequent speaker and facilitator for national and global association leadership meetings.

Mr. West is a former association executive with experience as executive director, chief operating officer, and chief financial officer for both national and international membership organizations. He has been a consultant to the association community since 1992, and has provided services to hundreds of state, national, and international organizations.

Dean West is a nationally recognized expert in association management. He is a Fellow of the American Society of Association Executives. Mr. West authored the chapter on Membership Research for the ASAE book, Membership Essentials and the chapter on Marketing Professional Development Programs in the ASAE book, Core Competencies in Professional Development.

Mr. West is an experienced volunteer leader familiar with the demands of volunteer leadership. He is Past Chairman of ASAE’s Professional Development Council and has served on the ASAE Membership Council and the Editorial Board for the ASAE & the Center for Association Leadership Journal of Association Leadership. He is a former member of the Board of Directors for the Association Forum of Chicagoland.