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Essentials of Strategic Planning

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Strategic Leadership & Governance
Dean A West, FASAE
59 Minutes
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Essentials of Strategic Planning

This free webinar, first airing on October 30, 2019, outlines a simple, data-driven process to investigate, discuss and decide on a new strategic plan. Key learnings include the following:

- Data ~ What key questions do you need to answer to inform strategic planning? - Participants ~ Who needs to participate in strategic planning? - Roles ~ What are differences in roles/responsibilities by participants? - Discussions ~ What onsite, in-person instructional design improves the likelihood of consensus? - Vetting ~ What are considerations regarding the review or vetting of your draft strategic plan? - Implementation ~ How do you begin translating your strategic plan into action? You will review considerations and trade-offs in each area and leave the webinar with a clear understanding of a strategic planning process you can modify for use in your own association.

About Your Presenter! Dean West, FASAE and President of Association Laboratory, is a noted thought leader on membership acquisition, retention and engagement theory and strategy. He is a former association CEO who has served on the ASAE Membership Council and authored the article on Membership Research for the ASAE book Essentials of Membership. A frequent author and speaker, Mr. West has advised leading state, national and global associations on membership strategy for more than 20 years.


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