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Designing a Compelling Educational Event

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Learn What Makes Educational Events Compelling

Designing compelling face-to-face educational events is critical to associations (and companies) pursuing education or content strategies.

This Association Laboratory research-based, peer-driven white paper, Designing a Compelling Educational Event  highlights areas critical to the creation of compelling education events and provides you with practical tools and resources you can use to make sure your education activities are successful.

Designing a Compelling Educational Event is based on Association Laboratory’s client experience creating successful education and event strategy and information collected from over 150 recognized trade and professional association leaders with decades of practical experience creating successful face to face educational events.

Association Laboratory’s Designing a Compelling Education Event gives you ideas, insights and help in the following areas.

Strategy: Designing a Compelling Educational Event Examines What’s Critical to Event Success

The Decision to Attend

Designing a Compelling Educational Event examines factors influencing the decision to attend that need to guide decisions by marketing and event staff. Topics include the importance of the event description,  learning content, speakers and peer learning activities. It provides information on the role of logistics, understanding attendee attitudes towards professional development and incorporating this understanding into event promotion and marketing.

The Event Experience

Designing a Compelling Educational Event  provides insight into the role of attendee learning preferences. It outlines ideas into the the use of technology and the application of effective presentation styles to improve learning and engagement. In addition, research-based perceptions on the important role of attendee composition and peer-based learning are examined.

Post-Event Success

Designing a Compelling Educational Event gives you ideas on using the post-event time frame to improve the learning from your educational event and increase the satisfaction of attendees and the likelihood of future attendance. From engaging attendee teams to applying the learning from the event to the daily work, this information ensures a high return on the attendee dollar.

Execution: Get Practical Tools and Resources to Help Make Your Educational Events More Successful

Designing a Compelling Educational Event includes handy resources to help you immediately improve your events including the following:

Core Competency Understanding

Lead a successful internal discussion on best practices in topic assessment, planning and evaluation. Define core competencies and review critical steps in continuing education programming. From content selection, prioritization and development, to evaluations and outcomes measures.

Management Tools and Resources

Start improving your events today by using an easy-to-modify checklist guiding implementation and customizing speaker templates to your exact needs. Don’t reinvent the wheel, start being successful today.

Additional Event and Education Resources

For more insight into how to produce a successful event, see Planning for the Meetings of Tomorrow, the Association Laboratory environmental scan into the use of technology to improve attendee engagement was conducted with the support of the Professional Convention Management Association Foundation.

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