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Association Laboratory Research Alliance: Sector Analysis | COVID-19 and Looking Forward 2020

*COVID-19 Accelerates Trends Identified in Looking Forward 2020*

See how the data in Looking Forward 2020 and The Strategic and Economic Implications of COVID-19 on Associations complement your understanding of the future environment. 

These studies identify the critical drivers affecting associations, their members, and outlines potential solutions to adapt to the impact of environmental factors in the short and long-term. These studies inform your understanding of the unique impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on traditional and non-traditional activities of associations. 

  1. Looking Forward 2020 is data from a global environmental scan of the association world

  2. Combined with a sector study of the impact of COVID-19 on the future environment and decision making

  3. Includes a discussion guide allowing you to lead conversations with board and staff on the future 

Dean A West  |  Paula Cozzi Goedert  |  Rob Olcott

Dean A West  |  Meg Whedbee

Dean A West  |  Meg Whedbee


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